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People seek counselling for many different reasons. No problem or worry is too small. If something is troubling you then counselling can help...


Community youth work

We also work with young people out in the community on issues ranging from bullying to sexual exploitation ...



We offer all our services for free and rely on donations to keep supporting those in need within our community. Can you help us to help others?



To find out more about us or make an appointment you can call Number 22 on 01628 636661 or Youth Talk on 01753 842444



Since July 2014, we have been offering an advocacy service, for young people who are involved with social care.  The independent service is staffed by our counsellors who have then completed additional training in advocacy.


Advocates are provided in a number of situations; when a young person is subject to a child protection plan, when a young person is in care, or when a young person is under the care of the local authority but their placement is out of the area.

Usually advocates are requested by a young person’s social worker, but young people can approach us themselves, though we would contact the social worker to inform them that we were going to advocate for them.

When might a young person want an advocate?

  • If they feel their views are not been listened to
  • If they are unhappy with the way they are being cared for
  • If they are angry or upset at something that is happening to them
  • If they feel they have not been treated fairly
  • If no one is telling them about their situation
  • If decisions are being made and they feel they are being involved in the process
  • If they want to make a complaint

An advocate will:

  • Help a young person to speak up for themselves or speak on their behalf
  • Listen to their concerns or worries and them to act on them
  • Be open and honest
  • Help a young person to prepare for meetings
  • Explain to adults how the young person is feeling
  • Explain to young people what is happening and what is planned to happen
  • Help a young person to sort out a problem if they are thinking of making a complaint

If you want an advocate and are looked after by the local authority, or you or your family are involved with social care, then speak to your social worker and ask to be given an advocate, or call our Maidenhead number 01628 636661


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