Community youth work

We work with young people in local schools, colleges and youth clubs on issues ranging from bullying to sexual exploitation.

Both our agencies, Youth Talk in Windsor and Number 22 in Maidenhead, offer one-to-one counselling and group support programmes in local secondary schools, colleges and youth clubs. The charity also runs multiple outreach programmes for young people focussing on issues ranging from mental health or family problems to coping with teenage pregnancy or sexual orientation.

We work closely with schools to identify the needs of young people and to ensure that relevant support is offered. For some schools we offer a safe space where young people meet weekly to talk openly about any issues they may be experiencing both at home and at school. This may involve our school outreach worker running exercises that encourage young people to consider how they feel about themselves and how they relate to others. Other schools run programmes to help pupils deal with specific issues such as exam stress or coping with bullying (including cyber bullying). We also run groups aimed at improving self esteem and building confidence.

In addition, our outreach worker helps to support young teenage mums in the community and also runs sexual health and relationship groups, supporting young people as they make difficult decisions about their lives.

Feedback from the young people we work with out in the community has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you are a young person wanting to know if your school runs any groups or counselling sessions, or you are a school that would like to talk to us about the sort of support we might be able to offer your pupils, please do call us on 01628 636661


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