Our counsellors

We have over 50 counsellors who volunteer their time at Number 22 and Youth Talk.
Counsellors at Number 22 and Youth Talk focus on the person and how they feel about their lives; the counselling process is client led. Counselling enables people to make sense of their thoughts and feelings in the hope that they can make decisions about what they want to do to bring about change in their lives. It also provides a means of support and a space where they can feel valued and heard.

Some of our counsellors are on placement. This means that they have already done two and a half years of training and are now in the final stages of their diploma. These counsellors are carefully assessed to ensure they have reached the correct level of competency to work with whoever comes through the door and to help with the wide range of issues that may arise. The rest of our counsellors are fully qualified to either diploma or degree level. Others are accredited counsellors with years of experience behind them.

All our counsellors are bound by the principles, values and personal moral qualities as laid down in the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

All our counsellors are supervised by trained personnel to ensure that the clients they see receive the very best of care and they are required to keep their skills up to date by attending regular training courses, which are provided by the agency. We also hold regular staff meetings.

All counsellors are enhance police checked.


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