Unlike most similar organisations in other towns and cities, Windsor & Maidenhead Youth and Community Counselling Service never charges clients to use its services. We also never restrict clients to a certain number of counselling sessions. Instead we offer long-term support for free to anyone who needs it, for as long as they need it. We do receive some donations and grants but still have to fundraise in order to meet the growing needs of those within our community.

We gratefully accept any donations, no matter how small. All money raised is used to expand the service and to enable us to see as many people in need of support as quickly as possible.

You can now donate by text. To do so simply send a text that includes the Youth Talk/Number 22 individual donation code – CALM22 – followed by the monetary amount to 70070.

For example, to donate £20 the text would read ‘CALM22 £20’ and send it to 70070. Everyone who makes a donation this way will be given the opportunity to add Gift Aid – meaning Number 22 benefits from an extra 25%.

Or you can donate on our Just Giving page. Thank You!

just giving


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